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Petco Dog & Puppy Training Classes

The bottom line is that you just need to know what to do, in clear, simple steps. You've already discovered that books, websites, and talking with friends or family aren't getting you very far. You get a puppy, and think to yourself, "How hard can this be? My puppy will be perfect and doesn't need training! Besides, he's already good at sitting." Some people don't properly train their dog, then expect it to understand human rules. When the dog doesn't comply, the owner can become frustrated, potentially returning the dog to a shelter for reasons that may have been easily addressed. Adult Manners Reward-based methods use rewards only for the behaviors that you want your dog to follow. To begin with, many experts believe that chasing a dog that is running away will only encourage it to run further because the dog thinks this is a game. With this in mind, start training your dog to stay with you by slowly walking away from it, then calling its name an